Hi, and Welcome to my little corner of the Internet. I’m Varsh – mum of 2, wife of one IT/Astrophotography geek, household organiser and chef, housework fairy.

My social media start came as my eldest was born, as a way to interact with the outside world whilst surviving the initial stages of motherhood. As he and his sister grew, so did my unease at posting photos of them for the general public to view – hence the @imnotsupermum account evolved more into a food/recipe account.

At first it was just about the food – places that were kid friendly to eat out at, different cuisines, new products on the market, dealing with allergies/intolerances, family recipes etc. Until I picked up my camera – and that’s how The Foodographer was born.

The Foodographer naturally combines my love of all things food, with the technical aspects of photography that my brain craves.

Develop – Cook – Shoot – Eat